10 Ways that Cube Storage Will Make You Rethink Room Organization

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cube storage bedroom bench tv stand


Cube Storage Alternatives:


If you need some extra storage, a cube storage or cube organizer could be the perfect solution for you. Often in 6-cube or 8-cube styles, these shelving units can be positioned vertically or horizontally. There are endless functions for these organizers, including creative uses as a cube bookshelf, bookcases, room dividers, TV stands, office storage, nightstands, gym storage, or even breakfast nook seating. With these clean, clever, and modern storage units, try combining a white bookcase with baskets, plants, or frames for color and contrast. Cube shelves and cube storage can be found at a variety of stores, including the famous IKEA Kallax shelf (formerly known as Expedit shelving units). But if you don’t live close to IKEA or don’t want to pay an enormous shipping fee, consider alternatives from the other sources pictured above to save on your budget.


Inspiration for Cube Storage:

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