These 5 Images Will Make You Want a Monstera Plant Right Now

Monstera plant, not a monster plant.


fake monstera plant dining room


Monstera Plant Alternatives:


Freshen up your room with fake plants like the monstera plant. Also known as the swiss cheese plant, monstera deliciosa, or split leaf philodendron, its clean and organic appearance provide the perfect contrast of shape and color to surrounding furniture and decor. Consider using a large monstera leaf as a visually striking centerpiece in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or even kitchens. Artificial plants such as the fiddle leaf fig and monstera plant have risen in popularity as an alternative to real plants due to their ease of maintenance. If you’re looking to add fake house plants to your home decor collection, the monstera plant is an easy and versatile option that livens up any space.


Inspiration for Monstera Plant:

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