8 Examples Proving Why the Faux Cactus is One of the Best Indoor Plants

Home is where you plant it.


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Faux Cactus Alternatives:


If you’re looking to style your room with house plants, consider the faux cactus as one of the best indoor plants. Nearly all cacti are considered succulents, referring to their thickened and fleshy parts for storing water. Luckily for you, these faux plants require zero upkeep and are a great choice for those looking for low maintenance indoor house plants. It’s versatile enough to shine in locations such as living rooms, bedroom window sills, kitchen counters, offices, and entryway console tables. TIP: Add extra color by carefully choosing the right pot for your room. With indoor plant pots, it’s another opportunity to add texture such as a woven basket or contrasting color such as a sleek white surface. If you’re looking for one of the best house plants available, look no further than the faux cactus.


Inspiration for Faux Cactus:

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