8 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Ideas That Will Make You a Home Decor Genius

Learn to fiddle with the fiddle leaf fig like a pro.


fiddle leaf fig living room featured top


Fiddle Leaf Fig Alternatives:


With the faux fiddle leaf fig tree, bring the outdoors into your home without worrying about watering or maintenance. As one of the most popular artificial trees or fake plants right now, it make a great addition to any room by providing significant contrast and a dramatic pop of color. The fiddle leaf fig plant boasts giant leaves and instantly becomes a centerpiece for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or even entryways. Fake fiddle leaf fig trees range in various heights, so consider using the taller ones that are nearly six feet tall to make a visual statement. Alternatively, place a smaller fiddle leaf fig plant atop a table for a calming accent.


Inspiration for Fiddle Leaf Fig:

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