9 Gorgeous Images That Will Make You Want a Butterfly Chair Right Now

Float like a butterfly, sting like a home decor pro.


Butterfly chair living room coffee table


Butterfly Chair Alternatives:


Make a stylish addition to any room with a chic butterfly chair. Originally known as the Tripolina Chair in the late 19th century, this bdesign utilized a foldable chair made of wood and a leather cover. This led to the creation of the butterfly chair in the 1930s, also known as the BKF chair after the architects Bonet, Kurchan, and Ferrari in Argentina. Since then, various adaptations have existed, but many still feature a luxurious tan leather cover over a metal wireframe. The covers are often interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to create contrast in colors with surrounding furniture. Some wire chairs also fold up for optimal space saving tricks. To add a splash of decor, consider pairing a faux fur piece or blanket with the butterfly chair to create a sophisticated look. The chair’s minimal yet elegant appearance makes it versatile for nearly any room, such as a perfect reading nook in a living room or a lounge chair next to an office desk.


Inspiration for Butterfly Chair:

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