This is How an Acrylic Console Table Makes Your Room Awesome

There is beauty in simplicity.


acrylic console table behind white sofa


Acrylic Console Table Alternatives:


With its minimalist appeal, this clear acrylic console table is the perfect modern piece for styling your living room or entryway. Dress it up with floral arrangements on top or colorful storage underneath to allow the contrast and decor to shine through. The slender shape and contemporary waterfall edge of the lucite console table makes it an excellent choice if you are in search of a long and narrow console table to fit a space. Often made in tempered glass or plexiglass, this acrylic console table is strong enough to hold a variety of decor and gives you plenty of lovely options for styling areas like the space behind a sofa or a wall nook. Can’t get enough of how pretty the clear table is? Consider doubling up with an acrylic coffee table or clear desk.


Inspiration for the Acrylic Console Table:

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