How to Add a Wishbone Chair to Make Your Room Beautiful

Take a look at the one of the trendiest chairs today, the wishbone chair.


Wishbone Chair
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Wishbone Chair Alternatives:


The wishbone chair is also known as the Hans Wegner chair, Baxton studio chair, Y chair, or CH-24. Created by Danish designer Hans Wegner in the 1940s, the wishbone chair has been produced by the Danish firm Carl Hansen and Son since the 1950s.

The wishbone chair is a fantastic item in that it is versatile in matching with various objects. The chair is often paired with a seat cushion or sheepskin fur pad. It is commonly used in the dining room, as it complements dining tables well such as farmhouse tables. Alternatively, these wishbone chairs serve well in living rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms. When considering what table to pair with the wishbone chair, round tables are a trendy option. These round tables — also known as tulip tables, Saarinen tables, or pedestal tables — offer a wonderfully minimal and elegant esthetic. Besides opaque round tables, the wishbone chairs pair well with a glass table.


Inspiration for the Wishbone Chair:

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