Four tips for decorating with the gold globe lamp

With its slender arm and beautifully gold globe, the globe lamp is a bold light fixture that brightens up any room with a touch of elegance and modern feel. But what pieces of decor and furniture match with this light?


gold globe lamp living room light


We often see perfectly staged images of table décor and lights in the latest blogs and magazines. I’m obsessed with anything with a hint of gold, so as soon as I laid my eyes on this gold globe lamp, I was sold. Yet, have you ever bought a lamp, only to find that it looks empty and alone in your room as the sad beacon of light? Well, it becomes clear that when composing a room, the lighting and its complementary pieces are important in creating an Instagram-worthy picture. To help you achieve that look, I have compiled some of my favorite pictures of the gold globe table lamp and explain why these arrangements work.


Globe Lamp Alternatives:

1. Shapes – Rounding the corner

Contrast the circular shape of the globe lamp with the clean angles of nearby items such as rectangular bedside tables or wall art. Round mirrors, however, are great for continuing the circular theme of the globe light (bonus points for using a round mirror with a matching gold trim!). Consider using circular or square pillows on a nearby sofa, if the lamp is used as a modern table lamp. Other items to include on a table next to the globe lamp include plants and candles of various shapes and sizes.

2. Scale – Let there be light (of all sizes)

The globe lamp exists as a small table lamp or as a modern floor lamp. When the globe light functions as a living room table lamp, large objects such as sofas, coffee tables, and wall mirrors provide a significant contrast to the small gold lamp, yet placing multiple small items such as pillows can retain the balance. Alternatively, the larger version can be used as a contemporary standing lamp as a focal point for a living room, surrounded by a gallery of smaller pieces of wall art.

3. Color – A golden state of mind

Commonly found in a gold or brass finish, this unique globe table lamp can be complemented with other gold elements found in nearby tables, chairs, cushions, or frames. White is a popular color for contrasting with the gold, as I often see the gold lamp paired with white reading chairs, desks, vases, and blankets. For a stronger contrast, try placing plants nearby, as the green allows the gold to pop. If you are looking for a sleek esthetic, place the gold lamp against a black or dark grey background to emphasize the sharp contrast. sofas or grey walls emphasize the brightness of the gold lamp.

4. Patterns: Shine bright

Smooth and shiny gold calls for some irregularity to create balance. Pillows and blankets of various textures and patterns bring variety if this contemporary table lamp is placed next to a sofa or used as a reading lamp. As a nightstand lamp, the gold light pairs well with a patterned headboard of a bed. If you really want that extra sparkle, place the globe light near a window to reflect the sun for maximum shine.


Inspiration for the Globe Lamp: 

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